10 amazing English words advanced students need to know

Some words in the English language are just too beautiful to keep to ourselves. Here are ten words, in alphabetical order, that I like to share with advanced students:

1. Brood (verb)

to think about, or dwell on, things that may make you upset or angry

African American, Sadness, Man, Sad, African, American

2. Dalliance (noun)

a brief love affair

Skeletal, Flower, Congratulations, Friendship, Love

3. Epiphany (noun)

a moment of sudden realisation

Dream, Joy, Thoughts, Girl, Dreams, Holiday, Surprise

4. Erstwhile (adjective)

previous, former

Night, Stars, Galaxy, Wonder, Camp, Camping, Wild

5. Evanescent (adjective)

brief, disappearing and being forgotten quickly

Rainbow, Rain, Arch, Palmer Lake, Atlin, Rainbow Colors

6. Ineffable (adjective)

beyond expression in words

Motion, Cloud, Sunrise

7. Lilt (noun)

an almost musical rising and falling tone in one’s speech

Old Man, Old Men, Elders, Speaking, Conversation

8. Mellifluous (adjective)

having a very pleasant sound

Sparrow, Tree, Branch, Bird

9. Ripple (noun)

very small waves on the surface of otherwise still water

Water, Drop, Liquid, Splash, Wet, Clean, Clear, Falling

10. Serendipity (noun)

the development of events by chance in a beneficial way

Rose, Yellow, Flower, Petals, Growing, Close Up, Macro

All pictures courtesy of Pixabay on a Creative Commons CC0 licence.



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